Anyone tried any of the paid Kalzumeus training?

I have a real weakness with marketing be it copy, landing pages, emails, sales letters and more

I would love to be able to work with talented people like Patrick or Lincoln Murphy but, as with most bootstrappers, I suspect the budget just is not there and they are booked up 114 years in advance!

In light of that I was thinking of taking training - I know it says in the copy not to buy it if you are a bootstrapper or cant afford it etc etc but I can afford it but just want to get feedback on anyone who has taken it before investing the money and the time

I know Patrick is around these parts sometimes so if you read this Patrick, work with me - please :slight_smile: Iwill buy you chocolate and beer and be your friend forever!

Kudos to Patrick to not oversell his course and being honest.

I am sure it is killer content, as I have come to expect from him, but it alone will probably have just a small contribution to your overall knowledge of selling, marketing and copywriting.

It is totally normal to not be good at these initially. People make good money just by doing sales, just by writing copy, just by designing landing pages. These are professions on their own. It’s like a copywriter looking for a 5hr course to make him a good developer :wink:

I would suggest you to start with books. The good ones are so underappreciated for the value they deliver for $10-$20.

I recommend you to start with ‘Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion’.


I haven’t tried Patrick’s course so I can’t comment on that. However I have found to be a great resource on the things you are listing as a weakness. Tons of great info on the site but they also have ebooks. I bought the bundle but am still trying to implement all of the tips from the first one.


+1 for copyhackers. Great bundle.

I’ve also bought some time from a copywriter. While I do want to get better at it, time is fairly tight and it’s easier to collaborate with someone who knows their trade. Leverage your strengths.

I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from me if you’re early on in your bootstrapper journey, as my paid products typically are aimed at companies with successful products where the core economic engine is working and where we can twirl knobs to make it work even better. I’d suggest, instead, reading my blog posts/emailed essays and/or just hit me up with questions. I try to be pretty accessible.


Another +1 for CopyHackers.

Not only is it awesome for copywriting, they fit in a fair bit of how to survey your users to find out their needs – which is usually your real problem when you’re having trouble with copy, landing pages and sales letters.

[Offtopic hat on] I wish there was some consulting shop/agency that I could hire to implement all the ideas form all these “bundles” and “training courses”… At some point I have just stopped consuming this “what to do” stuff - no time (or too darn boring) to implement all this… Heck, here’s your idea for a bootstrapped business that I’d gladly pay for.[/Offtopic hat off]

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Well, Copyhackers do have a spin-off called Snap and you can hire them to handle your writing woes, if nothing else :slight_smile:

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