Anyone know this guy? Pure genius

I came across this site this morning and thought it was brilliant. He’s got quite the USP! Curious if anyone here knows him.

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This is brilliant! Not just from a humor point of view, but what he says actually makes sense.

Agreed. Did you see how he also offers his “sober services” as well? Ha! Great marketing. Though I do have to question his choice (as a UX service provider) to put white text on a black background. That always seems to hurt my eyes.

He was probably drunk when he made that page :smile:

This idea is not new. He stole it from these guys. Watch the video, pure awesomeness


No idea is ever (as in never, ever) original.

That’s why you can’t patent ideas, only the implementation.

Hey @jitbit, I remember (and really like) that video. I think “stole” may be a bit harsh though. The video is instructive while this guy is offering “drunk testing” a service. Both are brilliant, the latter perhaps a bit more opportunistic. :wink: