Anyone know how picky Mailchimp is about bounce/spam rates?

I’ve got a somewhat stale newsletter list and I’m starting it up again.

It’s currently at Campaign Monitor and I’m moving it to (probably) MailChimp.

I’ve got lots of content planned, probably 2 to 3 issues a month and MC is cheaper at that volume AND they have a lot of great tools, seems easier to use than CM.

I have my list split up into about 2K that are very recently signed up and about 16K that signed up longer ago.
I’m planning to send the 16K just one or two issues with lots of freebie offers if they confirm their subscription. All of them signed up but they may have forgotten or still think it’s spam.

I’m wondering if maybe I should do that 16K send out on CM (to avoid getting MC irritated at me)


I’ve never run into a newsletter provider sending notifications about proper spam, esp. since they are pretty stringent on you providing the required information on newsletters (unsub links and address, etc).

Transactional email providers like Mandrill, however, definitely ARE picky that way. I’ve had plenty of trouble with mandrill (often because of a dumb mistake on my end), but nothing from MailChimp, ever, for the newsletter.