Anyone had issues with emails not arriving in Gmail? Alternatives?

I use a Google Apps email account for my support email. (Still on the free plan as I had my domain for quite a while.)

Today I received 2 emails from prospects saying they didn’t hear back the first time they emailed me. I do not see these emails anywhere in my Gmail, not in spam/all/anything.

Did anyone else experience this issue? Any paid alternatives that have better delivery?

Fastmail. $75 a year for a respectable amount of storage, imports all your emails from Gmail without issue, support issues answered, and no worry over what Google may decide to do next with your free email. I know Google is a huge company and all, but I find it difficult to to trust anything important to a company that doesn’t get paid to provide the service. I’ve moved a lot of small companies to Fastmail over the past few years.


I realise this is the opposite direction but my app sends a lot of emails and Gmail is a pain in the ass to try and deliver email to - reverse DNS, SPF, DKIM and more all setup and working fine and still emails get bounced.

My app also sends a lot of transactional emails on behalf of my customers and I am more annoyed by Yahoo and AOL emails as they don’t respect reply-to headers.

Its possible that you’re in one of the other buckets such as promotion, social, etc.

Here’s a tip: Start asking people to respond to the emails you send them. For example, when you send your very first email to people ask them a question that will elicit a response. This will give gmail and other email service providers the idea that you’re not a spammer and people find value in your email.

For example, if you have a software tool. Ask them, “What’s the number one problem you’re hoping our tool can solve for you?”

This should increase deliverability as more people respond. You don’t need everyone to respond, just a few. Hope that helps!


@natural - Are you using a transactional email service like sendgrid, AWS SES, mailgun, or similar? Or are you delivering your own email directly? If you’re not using them, the former can be helpful.

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