Anyone Experiencing Sales Drop due to Halloween Holiday

I’m noting 0 zero sales for around a week now.Seems its due to Halloween Holidays(USA)
Anyone experiencing the same?

No sales for 2 days so far. It’s quite normal to have none during holidays and lower revenue in July, August, December.

Thanks for your reply.

If that’s a drop from hundreds (or tens) of sales per week, I’d check your payment page, links etc. Can be a technical problem.
Or it can be just statistical thing, not really related to anything. I experience drops and ups in the amount of sales in random moments of time.

One more sales drop – we have 60-70% purchases from the US but everybody is out for the turkey day.

How significant is your sales drop this November?

Hard to say because it got a big boost from marketing efforts in the last two months but this week is something like 80%.

80 percent Drop? How many sales you make per month?

Yes, 80% drop this week. Sorry, I’m not ready for full transparency (yet, working on it!) but it’s less than 80 usually.

No problem :slight_smile: I think US customers are on vacation now.

US customers are storming online stores right now - Black Friday. My client’s traffic via their already busy systems was 30% higher than at usual peak hour.

Does your client sell software?

Telecom services and hardware.

Software - I dunno, I’ve got a few offers from software companies for Black Friday, but I did no follow thru on them - I feel the Black Friday is still mostly about hardware, and not software.