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Anyone Can Recommend A Web-Based Affiliate Service?


For the new year, I’m looking at setting up an affiliate/referral program where people would get a small amount of cash for recommending paying customers for my Mac app. I could write code to generate coupon codes & set this up, but it would be better if a third party already had figured this out.

Anyone knows of such service? A Google search gives me a lot a spammy-looking web sites like every time you enter the word “marketing”. I would prefer using a services used by other bootstrappers.



I don’t have a suggestion (hopefully others will!), but if you’ll permit me one point of unsolicited advice: I clicked the link to go to your site, and it was extremely non-obvious at first how I could buy your software! I strongly suggest you consider adding calls to action in the body of the page, and not rely solely on the nearly invisible Buy Now! link in your navigation menu.



@tnorthcutt Travis, thanks for the advice! I actually tried placing some calls to action buttons (“Try” & “Buy”) on the welcome page but they clashed too much with the current site theme.

I think I found a design that’s both simple & effective, so I’ll be installing that soon.

I’ve got a lot to improve, both on the site & the product itself. Thanks for looking.



Glad to hear it! Sounds like you’ll be able to start 2014 off with great improvements.


@tnorthcutt Fixed the web site! Tell me if it works for you, Travis.

Now, back to fixing the app… :slight_smile:


www.cj.com and LinkShare.com are the most known ones.


@jitbit Thanks Alex! Do you have any experience with them?

One competitor in my space is using these Affiliate.com:

Anyone knows about them?


Hey there! I am a co-founder at http://www.leaddyno.com, a SasS based affiliate management platform. We do not bring an affiliate network, but rather help your turn your existing customers into affiliates and/or help you engage with existing affiliates/partners better.

We are 100% bootstrapped, so we know the pain!

Let us know if we can help out with your affiliate tracking needs. We also go way beyond just affiliate tracking and allow you to use our software to do general lead tracking, such as seeing the most effective google ads, paid mailing list posts, or any other online campaigns.

Take care,



Thanks Mike! Will be check out your service!