Anybody here from Germany

Every week I read something about Meetups in UK so I got curious. Anybody here located in Germany who wants to do a Meetup sometime? I’m in Germany near Munich if this helps :smiley:

There are quite a few of us here from Germany. I believe @itengelhardt is organizing a regular meetup in the Munich area already. If anybody is visiting Berlin I would be happy to meet.

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I’m in Berlin till the end of september. We can make a small improvised bootstrappers meetup in some café. What do you think?

Sure, sounds great, happy to meet in September if I’m in Berlin then.

Or before, if you want. I’m already in Berlin :wink:

Oops, misread your reply. :slight_smile: Sure, how about some time next week? I will send you a private message. Anybody else interested in joining us in Berlin?

A little too late… but yeah, i live in Munich. You can put me on your list.

A bit late as well, but I’m also based in Berlin and would love to meet other “bootstrapers” if you are up for a small meetup.

Great, I will add you to the private thread so we can arrange a meetup in Berlin.

I am also in Berlin. Would be fun to meet :slight_smile:

I’m totally not from Berlin, but thanks for the mention @dennis :slight_smile:

A bit late, but I currently live near Hamburg and will be back in Cologne sometime next year :smile:. Would enjoy meeting some bootstrappers… too often do I see VC- or Angel-chasing startups :smile:.

Just found this thread searching for Cologne as we’re currently living near Düsseldorf, Germany. I would love to connect with English speaking bootstrapping entrepreneurs here. Anyone near Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn etc.? I’ll also be attending a digital nomad meetup in Cologne this Wednesday if anyone’s planning to come?


I’m a bit late to this, but there’s totally already a meetup for you: