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Any tips for a "thank you" page shown after downloading?


My product is desktop software (http://pokercopilot.com/). I’ve put a lot of work into the landing page (which is currently going through another A/B test).

But I haven’t put much effort into the “thank you” page that shows after downloading (http://pokercopilot.com/thankyou.html). I think it is time to work on optimising this page.

Do you have any tips? Things you tried that worked well/didn’t work well?


I would suggestion being more explicit. What is the one thing you really want the user to do? Don’t be afraid to ask the user to do something…especially something like signing up for your newsletter (I would remove optional ASAP), sharing your product on social media, proving feedback, etc.

Another suggestion would be to list the actual next steps.


Thanks for downloading Pocker Copilot.

While you are waiting for the download, how about signing up for our mailing list and I will send you three awesome tips to get you started.

OK, here is what you need to do to start using Poker CoPilot.

  1. It looks like you are using Safari. You can find the download by clicking the ‘arrow’ in the top right hand corner (include a screen shot).

  2. Double click on the file poker copilot.pck and run the installer

  3. blah blah…