Any of you use and find the tools useful?

I’m on an SEO mission at the moment.

Do any of you have a subscription? Find it useful? i know I can sign up for a 30 day trial but it’s as much the time I could waste poking around as the money so just wondered if anyone had any thoughts.

Disclaimer: I worked for them for 5 months last year.

My feeling about Moz Analytics is that it provides a bit more insight than Google Analytics.
The most useful part about it is probably “Web mentions” where they show you a list of recent mentions of your website across the web. That makes it easier to join the conversation.

Another cool thing to toy around with is the full access to OpenSiteExplorer, because you can get a look at the link profile of any competitor. With Domain Authority you can see at a glance how they compare to you.

Additionally, you get rank tracking and weekly crawl reports (including errors) of your own website, which can be helpful to identify duplicate content/titles.

What I found lacking (and my motivation for building is something more actionable. You won’t immediately know where to get new links from - for that you still need to have a good understanding of SEO and invest time to filter through the data presented.

Well, that’s my two cents of wisdom


Tried them. Pretty useless. OpenSiteExplorer backlinks database is much MUCH smaller than competitors (Ahrefs, majesticSEO).

“Site audit” reports (duplicate titles, metas, h1s and other on-site seo analysis) - you can get free from other sources (Semrush free plan, analitycsSEO and others)


We have been using Moz for a few years now and still use them. We don’t currently use any of their link analysis tools tools and we only keep them for the weekly ranking reports, which we find quite useful. We would likely use a cheaper alternative for just the ranking reports if we were looking for such a service now though.

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There’s a bunch of free rank checkers out there. ProRankTracker, etc

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Thanks Alex, we will check them out and maybe switch at some point.

I tried it for a few months. I got value for money, I believe, but it was yet another thing I had to spend time on, learning and applying.

I eventually cancelled, and spent the money instead with a individual who helped me with some SEO campaigns.


You can extend the free trial to 90 days through this offer on Rewardli. I’ve been trying it out for a while, and I agree with Christoph that it needs to be more actionable. Or at the very least, they should run some kind of a drip campaign to educate the user on how effectively to use their suite.


I saw your earlier post on LinksSpy here as well, and I’ll be checking it out soon!

I guess it depends on how you use it. I’ve been using Moz for several years (with a break or two inbetween) and I find it really useful for several things (but not everything).

I use it especially for

  • On page analysis (the regular site crawl incl. On page grader)
  • Analyzing link profile of competitors (OpenSiteExplorer)
  • Checking new links that I received (Just-Discovered in OpenSiteExplorer), so I can thank whoever was so nice to link to me :smile:
  • Checking the trend of the keyword rankings and to see of any suspicious drops

For new keyword ideas I use different tools (German ones, because my website is German).

I just saw this, too:

perhaps also interesting (e.g. new “Link Opportunities” section).

So, for me Moz is more of a monitoring tool to see any weird movements in any of the indicators. It’s more of a “defense” tool, for “offense / attack” I use other tools.