Any good recommendations for translation services?

Has anyone got a good recommendation for a translation service?

Ideally I am looking to be as uninvolved as possible. If some service could just spot changes to the language files in github and submit an update to translations that would be great. I am looking at but I can’t see anything on their website which gives me much confidence about the security of their platform. looks more reliable, but the process is a bit manual and you have to pay $100-$200 a month for access to the platform before you even pay for translations.

Any better options?

Are you asking for a tool/platform? Or are you looking for a service that does the actual translation?

Are you dealing with just one or two specific languages, or something more comprehensive that that?

Looking for something (idally) which can connect to github to detect changes to our i18n files, pull those, translate them then send a PR with the update. Into probably 2 languages at first (Portuguese, Spanish) then maybe more if that proves value for money.

I actually had a good chat with and they do pretty much what I am looking for. The website looks a bit dodgy but they actually have a good story on QA of the translations and security. Plus it is PAYG so will likely go with them for a trial at least.


Do they give you one translator per language, who keeps working on your additional texts? Or is it more a black box, where text goes in, and whatever random person translates it?

Don’t know. But they were talking about having a call up front to get additional context around the application so they know any terms we use in a specific way. So seemed about as solid as you’d hope. But after that not sure if it’s the same person each time, quite possibly not but hopefully the quality can be maintained through good processes?

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