Any good landing page explainer video resources?

I’ve decided to add a landing page explainer video to my homepage. Anyone have some good resources to help with making a video that gets results? Any good formulas (problem -> solution, storyline etc.) that work better in video format? Entirely screen capture or is it a good idea to break it up with some human interaction?

I don’t know if a lot of this is subjective or if best practices exist. Preliminary googling hasn’t resulted in many “ah ha” moments.

Pleased to hear your experiences and resources for those that have gone down this path already.

Rob walling actually did a great post explaining how he did his explainer. On phone now or else if find it for you.

There’s also powtoon which allows you to make your own video. It’s a little bit low budget looking but could work. Also just googled and found which looks like it might be a little nicer.

Let me know what you find. I’ve been meaning to do an explainer video forever!

Found Rob walling’s video post. Cheers, off to read it.

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I did it by myself. I crafted the text for days and when I was finally happy I ordered the voiceover on fiverr.
Screen capture is ok, if you can explain it under 2 minutes and the product is simple.

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That voice over is great. That was only $5??

20$ because of +1 min and timing.

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I outsourced practically all of it to - their prices are a steal and the results are good.

For reference the video can be found at

A general formula includes outlining the problem, coming up with the solution and wrapping up with a call to action. Animated videos might work well as animation can express emotions and concepts more simply than live action.

Rawshorts and PowToon mentioned above might be a good solution. In case you need something more professional, check out Animatron.

vidfoundry seems to be down ATM