Any examples with subject directories using category-specific affiliate/Amazon links?

I am looking for examples of websites that do curated resource directories and then use smart category-specific affiliate links.

E.g. Recipe websites that link to specific cooking books on egg techniques when showing recipes using eggs. Or a webpage showing a bunch of tutorial videos on say “drawing human figures” and linking to best Amazon books for the same category.

Or if something like included a book like this (with affiliate link in a real example). Preferably nicely in a non-offensive ways.

I have no troubles finding:

  • Affiliate link websites that do things like comparing X products in the same categories with Amazon link to each product (too narrow for my taste - a whole website around small number of products)
  • Ads for the same item/service/product on every page of the directory (not curated ads)
  • Generic ads that may show some content that may or may not relevant (clearly not curated ads, imperfect matching algorithm or customer tracking messing things up)

But I can’t find something that is doing curation for both content and ads and use that as a high-conversion.

I feel they must exist, but can’t quite find them when starting from the need to demonstrate this approach.