Announcing Resamazing Today

Hello all, I’m excited to finally share this with you. My online resume app is now live -

This is a SaaS app to help people easily create a great looking resume website. You can choose the look of your site via templates and switch them out at any time (more templates are coming soon). We even provide a way for you to keep your contact information private while still allowing your visitors to contact you.

I’d love to hear any feedback or advice from you, my fellow bootstrappers.

I built this product to fulfill my own need. Other online resumes services looked awful because they’re were simple online text documents.

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Why is this important? If I were looking for a job, wouldn’t I want to reduce barriers to contact?

Good question. Not everyone wanted their contact information on display on a publicly accessible website. So we built that in.

Sounds useful! I’m actually looking for something like this for a while so I’ll go ahead and try it :smile: observations after a quick look:

  • The page does not work correctly in IE 8. This may be okay with you, just to let you know… Screenshot


  • The first picture of the resume does not really look that appealing to me (that maybe only my taste though)
  • “Trusted by top professionals”
    -> Do you have any real testimonials? Put them here (I clicked the pictures to see if there was a real name behind them)
  • Is this low pricing sustainable for you? If it is really that easy to do and it would get me a job I would pay more for this. More so if I can use it again and again to get freelancing work…

Creating Resume
This works really good. A few things I would like to be able to do :wink:

  • It’s not clear if (and how) If I can use my own domain for the resume
  • I would really like to upload pictures for the career highlights and maybe add company logos / websites
  • I’m located in Germany so it would be nice if the templates would support more than one language (of course the english speaking market will be big enough for you)
  • Maybe you could make hiding my contact details optional?

Overall, very nice and easy to use!

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I love the timeline screenshot, it is immediately what jumps out at me letting me know how this is different from simply sharing my LinkedIn page, and backs up your claim of a “stunning online resume”.

The next impressive item was the responsive view on the phone. Again, this is something that sets you apart from other tools that were built a few years ago, and identifies you as the modern solution. You might want to think about putting that image higher up on the page, maybe even your first image being a collection of devices showing how “portable” the resume page is.

Finally, I think the pricing plan needs work :slight_smile: $3.75 is weird for me to think about for some reason. I’d rather just see the $45/yr and have $3.75/month in parenthesis below.

Also, it would make sense that you could probably even charge $10/month and $45/year because if I was looking for a job, I’d probably only need the site for a couple months anyway…so paying double for the monthly option makes sense (and the yearly option is so tempting I might just buy that anyway even though I probably won’t need it).

Just my initial thoughts.

Of course, the site’s colors and overall design are modern and clean, so you’ve hit the nail correctly there. Also, the UX is clear, letting me know just about everything I need to know before getting started. Great work and good luck, we’re cheering for you!

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Thanks Daniel!

We decided not to support IE8 due to its restrictions. And we do have real testimonials, working on ways to get them up soon.

Great question on pricing. For the beginning stages, I wanted to keep pricing a small hurdle. Based on the feedback we receive, I’m thinking of increasing the price but grandfathering in the low price for early customers.

Currently, we don’t support custom domains but will in the near future. Same goes for uploading pictures and portfolio work.

As far as you not liking the first picture of the resume, I totally get that. We’re still learning what people like best and will customize the homepage and templates based on that feedback. Plus we will release more templates to appeal to our customer’s varying tastes and preferred styles.

Thanks again Daniel!

Thanks Ryan!

We actually have more work to do on making everything fully mobile. We’re working through that the rest of this week and next.

Pricing continues to be something that we work through. Your advice is awesome and we’ll take it and implement those ideas in the near future.

I appreciate you taking the time to help and check us out.

The next impressive item was the responsive view on the phone.

Now this I didn’t notice, nice work there! I second the suggestion of a higher price. Thinking about it I would $10 / month a bargain in comparison to building a good looking resume myself…

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@iammorton It looks interesting… congratulations on launching and best luck!

Look, I was wondering… have you done any kind of customer development effort prior to building? I am just curious.

A beautiful online/mobile resume is an interesting product, but I am not sure if it is so well suited for a SaaS… don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it doesn’t work, I hope it does, please prove me wrong!!! But people looking for jobs are going to need it for few months only (at least they think so) and it seems you will face a high churn. Will you do well with a LTV in the $15 to $45 range? Have you considered a higher price?

Also, why not charge higher for several months and ditch the monthly option. Or make it so compelling to choose for a 6-month or year option that people will not even consider paying it monthly. Just my 2 cents.

Very good points Fred!

We haven’t done any customer dev (other than small alpha testing) prior to launch. So our customer dev begins now really. I fully realize this isn’t ideal. But it was a risk we were willing to take.

And you’re absolutely right about our pricing model. I expect a lot of churn unfortunately, just given the nature job hunting. To offset that we are discussing adjusting the pricing model to find what works best. To me, prices are never set in stone and are always adjustable as long as you grandfather in your early customers.

Even the business model is flexible. We plan to test out a freemium version where users only pay for the ability to host portfolio work. And there’s a B2B side that we’re exploring too.

I’d have loved to include all of these features at launch but I decided it was better to launch early and learn on the go. Hopefully that wasn’t a terrible decision. :smile:

Thanks for your feedback Fred! I really appreciate you taking your time to help me out.

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