Alternative to Confluence?

My company of three people uses Confluence as a wiki. We’re using the cloud version, hosted by Atlassian. Confluence was great in the day, and is cheap and powerful, but I do find it slow and cumbersome.

Can you recommend an alternative company wiki that is also cloud-based? Speed, price, and good search are important to me.

We use

It is not cloud-based, just a static site generator from the md (Git markdown) files, so there are extra steps.

Fully customizable, great built-in search and (obviously) extremely fast.

We push changes by single click from the Jenkins.

Probably not for everyone, but worth a look.

Cloud-based but cheap will always be slow. You’d be squeezed together with hundreds of similar low-tier users, fighting with them for resources.

Just two days ago I too have had enough with cloud Confluence+JIRA, and installed Redmine from a DigitalOcean image - $5/mo, bugtracker+wiki, unlimited users, fast. Took me 15 minutes to spin up the image and update DNS.

Then it took me 2 hours to migrate all the milestones, defects and issues to Redmine. Confluence migration is still pending, but I only have a few documents there, so it won’t take long.

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It’s not strictly a Wiki, but we certainly use it in such a way. We use for all our shared documentation within the team and it’s fast, beautiful, and free. It’s made by a couple of people who worked on Google Docs.

It’s now a Salesforce product, though. But that also means that it should stay around.