Allowing customers to buy a subscription with Paypal

Hey folks,

I love Stripe but it doesn’t handle Paypal :frowning:
I’d like my customers to pay with Paypal, so I am looking for payment processors that handle subscriptions where customers can pay via Paypal or credit cards. The more similar to Stripe, the better (I know it’s not easy :slight_smile: )

So far Gumroad and Braintree look promising. Do you have any experience with any of those?
I mean good or bad experiences like fast/slow in replying to tickets, handling refunds. allowing custom UI, flexibility/non flexibility with coupons, etc.

Of course I am open to suggestions about other services.
Basically my needs are:

  • handle recurring subscriptions (monthly/yearly)
  • handling coupons/discounts
  • transferring funds either to my bank or my Paypal
  • notify me when charge is successful/failed
  • manage customer trials (nice to have, not a strong requirement).

PS. I saw a similar topic has already been discussed but ~3 years ago, so maybe things have changed.

I’m not 100% sure of the best approach, but since Braintree is now owned by PayPal, I believe it makes it fairly easy to set up PayPal (and even Venmo). Having used Braintree for 8 years with Sifter, it’s definitely solid. I probably wouldn’t choose it over Stripe, but if you just want a secondary option to make PayPal easier to offer, then it could be worth exploring. Even after the PayPal acquisition, customer service was solid, and even when I sold Sifter, transferring account ownership was easy enough.

Thanks @garrettdimon, I’ll check it out.
Not looking forward to use their APIs (with respect to Stripe’s) but it seems the best option at the moment.