Alex - New (Solo) Bootstrapper

Hey everyone, I’m Alex, solo bootstrapper of Treycent ( a side project which lets users link spoken questions or phrases to URLs (Chrome browser only). I also created companion smartphone and smartwatch apps that do the same things except more focused on photo sharing: users tag photos with a voice command for easy retrieval later. If you tag multiple photos with the same voice command (e.g. “family photos”) you get a slideshow of your photos to your phone, watch, or desktop.

Recently, I added integrations with IFTTT and Zapier so users can use voice commands to control their apps and devices. For example, a user could speak a single voice command from his smartwatch (“home mode”) and turn on his Hue lights, set his Nest thermostat to 72 degrees, and send a text message to his wife saying that he’s home.

Voice commands can be shared.

I"m currently bootstrapping Treycent while working a full time day job and would love to know your thoughts about the product and what I should do next to try and make some money from this. Thanks in advance!

P.S. my website has links to my YouTube channel and my Android / Android Wear apps

Your landing page is about loading pictures with voice commands, which isn’t really something I am looking for but others may think differently.

What I do find more interesting though is your explanation here that voice commands can be shared. If you could become the “soundcloud for voice commands” that could be very interesting. If there’s an easy business model in that I don’t now though.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I have been thinking along those lines. This shows how you could tag SoundCloud or 8Tracks playlists or individual tracks with a voice command: