Advice/feedback on my Wordpress plugin

Hi, I’m Mike, developing an Email optin plugin for Wordpress called OptinEngine:

The plan is to build up users of the free version then concentrate work on the pro version.

OptinEngine allows users to create sliders, modals and info bars to collect email addresses and promote links with a couple of click using the built in templates as a base. It supports quite a few third party email providers as well as an internal lead list that can be exported as csv.

I am having problems getting traction, since releasing the plugin a couple of months ago it only gets about 5-15 downloads/day (excluding downloads from updates) and has around 100 active installs. Most of the advice I’ve read about releasing a plugin says that I should release regular updates and respond to support questions and as long as the plugin is something people like it should get traction but does not seem to be happening in yet.

So my question is, do I just need to get the name out there via blogs etc or is the lack of traction after 3 months as sign that the plugin is not something that people are looking for/like using?

I would very much appreciate any feedback and thoughts and experiences both about releasing/promoting free plugins and about my OptinEngine plugin.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Mike -

I’ve been in your shoes, and it’s frustrating. I must say that 5-15 download/day isn’t bad for a new plugin. And 100 active users is a great user base. I’d actually suggest you implement the pro version (or at least offer it as an option) to see if demand is there.

Once someone installs a wp plugin they usually set it up then forget about it. But you need to keep in touch with them to remind them of the features of the pro version. Perhaps offer an opt-in when they first activate the plugin - give them a PDF of top case studies, or enable new themes for them - and then subscribe them to a mailing list. Then you can either communicate personally with them first, and then later once you know their needs set up an automated series that’ll really teach them how to get the most out of your plugin.

Hope that helps!

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Is there a large company in your space that you can position yourself against? As in, take one of their premium features and make it more affordable of free. It’s how my app got traction.

If you developed this app based on just a hunch, then customer development may be an issue.

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Many thanks for the info, this is the first plugin I’ve released so I don’t have any idea of what is good or bad in terms of numbers.

From your experience to increase those downloads/users you keep developing/improving the plugin and over the months it should increase? Or are there marketing methods for free plugins that help get things moving?

Thanks for the reply!

Yes there is a large company in the same space doing something very similar, in fact they have over 300,000 active installs on WP for their monthly SaaS product so I know the market is there, the problem I am having is how to reach that market and get traction with the free version so that I can convert them to the paid version later on.

I think what I’ve done with the free version so far is pretty complete while still leaving room to offer a pro version but maybe I need to add more features to the free version. I’m a bit worried about putting too much into the free version so I don’t leave any reason for people to upgrade.

To me OptinEngin seems a well designed optin plugin. However, as a user, why should I choose it? It looks similar to many other optin plugins/services. So probably I’d go with a bigger brand.
I’d recommend to try to work out a differentiating feature from the competition, and promote this difference. As an example, you could adjust the optin language to the browser language setting and say: Collect email addresses in the language of your customers with OptinEngine (need to be better formulated).
I’m also wondering what kind of value will a pro version provide? Make that crystal clear.

[edit] Also why do you call it “Lite”. To me that sends the signal: It’s a try out plugin. If you really want to do something with it, you have to pay. I’d just drop the lite in the name.

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Great idea, I agree ‘Lite’ doesn’t give the impression of a complete product.

This is very interesting, up to now my main justification has been ‘because its better’ but of course that is very subjective. I will try and differentiate the plugin more from the competition.

Thanks for the ideas :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s interesting for you:
You could offer that when a new user is subscribed to mailchimp etc., you directly inform your client through an email from OptinEngine, a webhook, or a slack message. This makes it obvious to your clients that OptinEngine is working, and they are reminded of it repeatedly.

Great idea, thanks! And pretty easy to implement as well :slight_smile: