AdHipster - free social media cross-promotion

Hi all!

I’ve been reading for some time now, and the discussions here inspired me and a friend of mine to start working on our own product.

Let me introduce AdHipster ( - free social media cross-promotion tool. The idea is that people can help each other by sharing each other’s ads in social networks. We believe that AdHipster would be useful to the bootstrappers who are trying to spread the word about their product.

We would greatly appreciate any comments and suggestions about the idea from experienced bootstrappers! Also, do you see anything we can improve on our landing page and in the UI/UX?

Hey man - welcome!

So from a brief glance at the site I don’t really understand what an ad means in this context. Or what sharing it means.

I think some screenshots of actual ads and sharing them would be interesting.

Congrats on launching something!

Oh and in general personally I don’t get too excited about free cross promotion type stuff. Reminds me of those old click sharing programs where you would click on an ad and then have someone else click on yours. But the traffic was very low value.

But maybe you’ve executed on it better than they did!

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Hi Kalen,

thank you for your comment!

Here is what an ad looks like in the context of AdHipster (
And sharing it means posting it to one of the social networks.

Even though one could indeed see a parallel with the old type click-for-click cross promotion you have mentioned, we believe that our idea is fundamentally different. First, we have share-for-share instead of click-for-click, i.e. we focus on social media. Second, we encourage our users to share only the ads that are relevant to their followers, and thus benefit everyone. And finally, we manually curate submitted ads, by which we seek to ensure the high quality of content.

We do realize that the reputation of the concept of cross-promotion was somewhat spoiled by the banner exchange type services back in the day. But we believe that we can re-imagine cross-promotion in a modern way, and make it beneficial to bootstrappers and others struggling to spread the word about their product.

Awesome! Sounds interesting. Btw maybe you could hyperlink that link. On phone right now. Weird that I doesn’t do it automatically.