Accounting Services for SaaS + Service Based Businesses

I guess this topic goes in this category.

We’ve been bootstrapping our accounting software business for 8 years and it’s been really good to us. We’re in the research stage of taking the accounting software further on the service side by creating an accounting firm. The idea is to create a complimentary service/company to handle bookkeeping and tax prep for SaaS businesses, service businesses (design + dev shops) in combo with some personal tax prep.

We’ll be working in combination with many of these revenue analytic dashboards and our accounting software to do industry benchmarking on expenses and revenue.

This will be a U.S. based service only (for now).

Anyone interested in this? I’m doing a bunch of skype calls for customer development, nothing to sell yet just a bunch of questions for me to dig around and poke at.

Wanna chat?

My family is very embedded with our local CPA firm, because they do our personal taxes plus everything for all (4) of our business entities, and have done so for 10 years. So they know us very well and are able to help with cross-business stuff. We’re also committed to Quickbooks because that’s what our CPA uses and it’s easy to share files.

So, I’m unlikely to switch for those reasons, BUT I’m probably your target market and would be happy to chat if it’s helpful. Contact info is in my profile.

Thanks Corey, but I only need to talk to people curious in a new service, not happy with their current one. I’m searching for pain points.

I’m interested! :). I never quite know whether I’m taking advantage of all the write offs I should be. I’d feel very comfortable having an accounting service that specialized in the type of business I had.

I’m still not doing my saas business full time though. Just bootstrapping on the side.

Are you still doing this? I’d love to chat if so.