Aakil here (web dev), looking for partners in NYC

email: aakilfernandes@gmail.com
website: aakilfernandes.com

Hi there!

I’m a web dev trying to build some profit from side projects. I quit my full time in December and have been freelancing/contracting while working on side projects. I’m down for non-technical work as well: whatever makes the product work.

Would love to work with some people in the NYC area. Open to all skill sets.

I have a few side projects still ticking, but I’m not really as excited about them as I was when I first started:
gemsinthejungle.com, codeharmony.net, sharebuttongenerator.aakilfernandes.com

And I recently sold one for a small amount:

Down to try just about anything. However I’d like to work on something that could generate revenue within a month of launching. Lately my minds been drifting to a social network for bootstrappers, and an “outsource your job search” type service.

Heads up, I have a contract for the next 1-3 weeks that should keep me pretty busy. After that I’d be open to working on something full time.