A tool for Content Upgrade email opt-ins

Hey guys -

Just launched the early-access landing page for our new WP plugin, Content Upgrades:


In a nutshell - The plugin makes it easy to add content upgrades email opt-ins easy to add to any blog post or page. Use the shortcode to add the call-to-action, opt-in box, send the email delivering the bonus content, subscribe the person to Mailchimp, Drip, (others coming soon).

More details laid out in the landing page.

I’d love to hear any feedback about the page, the concept, or anything.

Currently the plugin is in private beta, and also being used for our clients on Audience Ops. Beta invites willl go out through the summer, and public launch this Fall.

Cool. Nice to see you’re making progress on your new idea Brian.

The only thing I’d say is that in the blog post linked from the landing page I would tease the worksheet more. I would mention it in the content and would put a cropped screenshot of the worksheet so people have an idea what they’re getting. It seemed just a bit too easy to miss that CTA.

Just my 0.02. Cheers!

Hey Oliver - Thanks!

Ya that is a good idea to tease the bonus content some more in the article. When my team on Audience Ops creates them for clients, they do more of that. But on my personal blog posts, I tend to add the content upgrade as an afterthought and just insert it.