A prettier Jira that is free for upto 5 users - Codegiant.io

Hello everyone :wave:

Excited to be here. I am the Founder of Codegiant.

We felt like none of the existing software development platforms focused on simplicity and great UX. We wanted to build a tool that was simple, powerful and could meet the needs of a development team (from issue tracking all the way to documentation).

Over this past year we have been gathering feedback from our users and we feel that Codegiant is now worthy of a Product Hunt post. We have decided to keep Issue Tracker, Git Repositories and Documentation free forever. Major UI/UX enhancements and features will be released in the coming weeks. Here is a light list of what we have planned:

Git Repositories will be redesigned to have a more native IDE feel.
Documentation will undergo a major overhaul to include templates, more rich text items, and an enhanced search.
Advanced issue tracker projects will get their own dedicated Epics panel.
….and tons more

Look forward to all your feedback!!

:wave: Cheers,
Rishi & The Codegiant Team

Can’t paste images in the description field of issues?