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A job-board for finding co-founders


Hey there bootstrappers!

I want to help founders find their perfect co-founder.

So I created coHounder (.com)

To do this I’ve combined the simplicity of a job-board-style website with the idea of finding a co-founder.

Would love to hear all of your thoughts on this project of mine :upside_down_face: and of course, if you’re looking for a co-founder, please use it! :grin:



Personally, I believe the chance to find a good co-founder on a board is even less than finding a spouse on a dating site.


And to add to that: people do actively seek out dating sites, so they have a great pool of people to make matches. A site for finding co-founders? Not so much.

I just ranted about how important it is to have a viable marketing strategy. To quote myself:

There is no way to market such a product in a cost effective way.

It’s about a different product but applies just as much. The rest of the rant:

Also, there are jokes and there are bad jokes. “sniff someone’s butt” is a bad, sophomoric joke.


I found my partner on a dating website, and it’s becoming more and more common. I get what your point is, but your analogy is a little off.

Why do you believe the chances are low?

I don’t necessarily disagree with you either, I think it’s a numbers game—just like dating—and that’s exactly what coHounder is trying to help with.


Why do you say that? My plan is to post it around on website that founders would frequent, in hopes that a market is found. (if not, I’ll move on to a new project)

Bit of a strawman here. The slogan isn’t even implying anything about someone’s butt.


The issue is not to find, but to find a good one. Happy for you, but are you with your partner for 10 years or more? If not yet, only the “find” part has been completed so far.

Double so for finding a business partner. If you look at things very differently in a personal relationship, at least you can still have a good sex. That option is typically not available in a business partnership.

With dating - may be it is. Date one girl a week, move to the next one if it doesn’t work. That simply cannot be done with a business. And reading what some developer/marketer/designer or whatnot writes about themselves is not a big help. Words are cheap.


Funnily enough, my spouse I met on a dating site is coming up to 20 years in 2020.

My co-founder who I had known since before I met her, was actually my best man at our wedding, bailed 6 months into the startup.