A GDPR app I'd love to see

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Am receiving loads of emails from services I don’t even remember I’ve subscribed to, because of GDPR crazyness.

The app would scan my inbox (or spam) for such emails and will show me a link where I can delete my user from the related service.

A GDPR app I’d love to see

Is it an app you’d love to pay for tho?

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No. Just sharing the idea here.

It could work as a lead generator for some other service (only if GDPR compliant :sweat_smile:)

it is not GDPR-specific. It can just wait over an inbox and offer to delete accounts on any service that doesn’t communicate with you often.

Having said that, it takes lotsa work to maintain the proper procedures of deleting an account on all these services up-to-date, and even more work if there is any automation. The need, on the other hand, is only occasional, and in the “vitamin” area. Not gonna fly as a business, IMHO.

It could indeed be a lead to another service, because it has a chance to insert its own link into pretty much any email in the inbox. However, what that service could be? What can be sold to a person in the moment of solemn recognition “man, Internet knows too much about me”? Well, maybe VPN service or something like that.

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Yeah, not sure what kind of company could take advantage of that kind of lead.

What I thought is something simpler. A trigger to JustDeleteMe. Later I found someone is already maintaining a list of “delete my account” links

The app would just match the incoming email address with JustDeleteMe and fire an alert with the proper link.