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A challenge, anyone want to join me?


Catching up with Hacker News this morning I came across this post http://www.ianww.com/blog/2013/10/08/lessons-from-getting-my-side-project-acquired/ about someone who sold his side-project, it’s a decent read, but one of the comments on hacker news grabbed me more,

I’m trying to do this right now. I challenged myself to do 100 consecutive days of commits to my side projects and I’m currently at day 94. - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6524291

So by my calculations there are 75 days until Christmas day which seems like a good time to take a break, so I’m going to work on my side project every single day for the next 75 days, some days I might just tweak some CSS rules, others I’ll spend hours coding up features, but I have to do something every single day, this is as much about keeping my project at the front of mind as it is getting things done. So is anyone going to join me?


I’m game. I recently lost momentum and have been trying to convince myself to get restarted.

I’ve read about getting a calendar and using it as motivation/reinforcement: http://lifehacker.com/281626/jerry-seinfelds-productivity-secret


A good challenge, and there are plenty of tools out there to help monitor and publicise your progress.

5 years ago, I got my main product and income source, Poker Copilot, to 1.0 as the result of a “30-day challenge”. I hope you get the results I got.


Today, I’m somewhere around 3175 consecutive days … can I stop now? :smile:


It depends, are you done? :smiley:


Oh buddy. I was fully cooked ages ago.


@andrey have you thought about writing a coronasdk plugin for uberdeck? Loads of mobile dev use Coronasdk and I don’t think there is a plugin that covers uberdeck’s functionality. It could be big market for you.


Yeah, there’s a big list of functionality that still needs to be added to Uberdeck, including plugins for things like Corona and Unity.


I am down too. Although I have already set a deadline of Nov 1st for my side project. But I am sure there will be a lot of work even after Nov 1st. Also once my code is in somewhat presentable state, I will open source it, as it is more of learning project. So it will be easy to track progress on github then.


How is everyone doing on this? I’ve found it very helpful and have been making good progress overall, even if I only make minimal progress some days.


I hope this challenge has helped everyone else. I’m still doing it, and think I can wrap up an MVP by Christmas.