A Boostrapped.fm meetup in Vegas during Microconf?

Awesome. Well seems like there’ll at least be a small group or more who’d be up for it. Let’s wait on word from Rob on the schedule and then we’ll work off that to pick the best time/place.

I’m up for meeting. My flight comes in at 2:30pm on Sunday and the reception is at 7:00. I’d be up for a drink or even an early dinner.

Last year I helped to organize a gathering for new attendees and anyone else that wanted to join before the 7pm drinks get together. I would like to do that again in a better setting this year.

Monday and Tuesday night dinners are not provided and having a BootFM “dinner” might work well. Techzing has had a dinner as well previously. Last year’s dinner was not pre-planned so I had plans and missed it. The dinner as done by TZ is to have listeners at the same table(s) and everyone gets their own bills (non-TZ dinners are the same).

I think there were more tickets this year. The last two years at least one ticket became available so you may still be able to get one.

ah, I thought someone above said there was something planned each night. Or just that dinner isn’t included but there’s an evening party or something?

There is an evening drinks each night (Sunday-Tuesday) but dinner and breakfast are on your own.

2012 was my first year and I knew no-one and the attempt to setup a dinner before the Sunday drinks failed. That was why I started the get-together last year to have a common meetup place that would be helpful and I think it sort of worked. It worked because we had about 25-30 people. It did not work because the food court at the Tropicana is limited. So this year I will be looking at local places to find a better place to meet.

I’m coming in on Sunday so I’m up for something.

Cool, I’d love to come to whatever pans out.

I’m also game for getting together Sunday afternoon or Monday night.

Cool. I’m thinking maybe Monday night if there’s nothing planned until later at the conf.

Sunday there’s a reception for attendees but that’s not until 7:00pm, so plenty of time before to meetup. Monday and Tuesday night will be Microconf events, but always on our own for dinner.

Sunday afternoon there was a lot of time before the evening reception where folks met up in the Tropicana food court for conversation and networking. That’s a great time to hold a meetup.

Monday and Tuesday, after the talks, you were on your own for dinner, then you were supposed to reconvene for the evening reception. On both nights, it seemed that a bunch of us split up into groups of 10-12 people and went en masse for dinner, which was a great way to spend more time getting to know one another. That’s another opportunity for a meetup. Get the word out that people are going a certain direction for dinner.

Some of my favorite conversations happened during dinner with other attendees. When we arrived back at the reception after dinner both evenings, I was surprised to see that the Tropicana had laid out quite a nice spread of food that could’ve/should’ve just been dinner. Ample time before the evening reception each day for a meetup.

I’ll be attending my first MicroConf this year. I’m also Las Vegas local, so I can give some advice or suggestions about what to do or where to go :smile:

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That’s it, we’re all crashing at Tony’s place! :smile:

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I’ll be at Microconf as well (I missed my ticket, but was one of the 1st ones to get on the waiting list).
I’m flying in Sunday evening, so obviously would love to do this monday/tuesday :))

Actually, how about wednesday? Right after the conference.

This will be my first Microconf. I would definitely be up for dinner, drinks, etc.

Coming to Microconf for the first time as well. From Russia :slight_smile: I wonder how many international guests are attending.

Will be thrilled to meet you guys! Keeping hand on the pulse for whatever time you choose — myself flying in Sunday or even earlier.


There is a new thread in the Microconf site about the meetup. “PreConference Get-Together”

I totally missed the boat on microconf tickets unfortunately otherwise I would have loved to go.

Question: I presume there is no way to get in now? Is anybody selling tickets?

As a plan B I could actually hop over to Vegas just for the meetup (I live in LA). But it would have to take place outside the conference. If there is a chance of this happening please let me know, I would really like to meet all of you in person.


This will be my first Microconf as well. Comming from Brazil (@uibreakfast +1 in your list!).

I will arrive on Friday and would love to meet whenever is best for you guys.

@andrea the idea is to meet Sunday at 4h30 pm, right? where? @tony’s place? :slight_smile:

Oh, so there are some international guests — @fredguth, will be great to meet you!

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