A B2B startup, which offers custom tailored data management apps


I launched my landing page for my B2B startup a few days ago.
I made a mistake, which obviously is very common among startups - on the page I concentrated on “We” (as in “what we do”, “what is our misson”, etc.) instead of “you” (as in “what you get” and “what are the benefits for you in using our product”).
Then I completely rewrote the entire landing page by following the useful feedback from a professional copywriter.
It would be great if you would share your thoughts on the current state of the landing page: (https://www.rawboosthq.com).

Does it succeed in engaging your interest?
Do you find it trustworthy and would you subscribe? If not, what are some red flags for you?

A section with testimonials is underway + I thought about starting to blog about the process of building an app using a live examples, which users can directly test, without subscribing.

Thanks for your time!

Sorry, but I have no idea what you are selling. It’s all vague “cloud and apps”.

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First off, let me say I think the design of the site is nice, and quite “hip”. If the design of the site is indicative of the design that will go into your apps, I think you may want to emphasize that.

That being said, I have to agree with @shantnu. Perhaps I’m just not in your target demographic and so I’m not familiar with the terminology, but it’s not clear to me what, exactly, a “data management app” is. In one spot you say “whether you want a simple CRM application to manage your contacts or need a complete ERP system with inventory management, invoicing, etc.”, so maybe more example would be helpful?

Do you find it trustworthy and would you subscribe? If not, what are some red flags for you?

Again, I may not be in your target audience, but to me any instances of grammatical awkwardness are immediate red flags that would prevent me from signing up. For example, your site says “Businesses in what industries can profit from using your apps?”. This sounds awkward and like a marketing bullet point instead of a question you might actually get asked.

Seems like this could be a good starting point though. Keep at it!

I feel like the copy emphasizes “the how” when I believe your target audience is only concerned with “the what.” Be more obvious about what you’re “app framework” can do and then I think you’ll be able to connect with your audience better.

Answer the fundamental question, what is a data management app?

Thanks, guys. Useful feedback with valid points, which I will try to address.
@mattm, english is not my first language, so I suppose there are multiple spelling errors and awkwardnesses :). I will make sure to clear them, because I know how annoying it can be.