80/20 Traction - What's the single biggest action you took to get your first 100 customers?

I am just at the beginning of my first software project & am having difficulties attracting users.

I’m trying to gauge for stickiness right now. No payment, just onboarding & attracting ppl to try it. I’m open to all thoughts!

Thank you & look forward to reading some advice,


Attracting people to try it is the top problem; the first problem is getting people to your site who might try it if they knew it existed. Original content of the net wins; create good original content that the people who might be interested in you app are definitely interested in, and that will attract them.

See: https://medium.com/@bobwalsh/content-marketing-for-startups-77b6b185ccd7


I recommend installing www.fullstory.com (they have a decent free plan) and watching what users do in your app and improving it based on that.

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