7 questions you need to ask about your business idea

A bit ago I’ve written this article on key questions to ask yourself, when evaluating your ideas:

What do you think? Do I miss something?

More or less I agree with your statements.

If you can find 1,000 people who love what you’re doing enough to give you $85 per month, you’re already topping $1,000,000

It is that that easy to charge $85 per month. Maybe there are some ways to charge more? But I just cannot imagine 85/month for a microISV software. At the same time I understand that USD is not that strong what it used to be. And now a gardner in Valley can charge $200 per visit.

“paid-with-trail approach”
is it paid with trial?


It’s not like $85 p.m. is simple - it’s a lot of value you need to provide for this. It’s just an interestingly low number to at 1k people. For people in regular well paid jobs 85 isn’t very high. When I was still full time employed I gave away more every month just to support ideas and people.

Not sure what microISV stands for.

Yeah, it should be “trial”. No one is safe from typos. I’ll see if I can get it fixed (not having directly access to the article - I’m just the writer…)


85$ for business is not a significant amount, if it provides value. However getting 1000 such customers is not easy or cheap, or will take really long time. And there’s a question of churn.

Yeah, sure there are factors to consider - the idea is just to show that a fairly low amount and sum to quite a lot if multiplied over time and with a solid customer base