69 Bootstrapper Resources


A collection of things I’ve ready, done, used, know about from over the years.

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Movies: I’d add Boiler Room, eh.

Books: I’d add Predictably Irrational, and Influence. Must read, both.

Great list. “You’ve got Mail” ??

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I’m growth hacking you right now!

Sir, I have been properly growth hacked :slight_smile:

I thought about Boiler Room, but I just felt like there’s not enough actionable info in there.

You’ve Got Mail. You got a problem with that?

Hah, no man… it’s cool… no problem… I was just leaving…

How much “actionable info” in there, eh? :slight_smile: Just a feel good movie.

Except it did not feel good to me, because it was kinda sad to realize a small vendor can not beat a big competitor no matter what.

The lead phone call and the following closing sale conversation is quite instructional.

In fact, that’s the only scene I remember from that movie, despite I watched it long before I aspired to have my own sales.

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If you think You’ve Got Mail isn’t actionable you haven’t watched it close enough!

I agree, I wasn’t. Was probably more interested in the updated Meg Ryan than in the business side of the plot.