6 months into my bootstrapped SaaS

Hey guys! I just found out about this community and I’m stoked to join in on these conversations.

VYPER is my product. It’s a SaaS app to help you grow your email list with various lead capture campaigns. I’ve been working on it for about 6 months now as a side project, and it’s doing in the low thousands of revenue per month.

Happy to answer any questions about my journey so far, and glad to meet all of you!

Nice Work, Congratulations. Especially on hitting low thousands as a side project in only 6 months, that’s great progress. When are you going full time on this? :slight_smile:

Probably around $15k MRR. I have a partner in the project as well.

Congrats! Do you have any tips on acquiring first few customers?
What are some of the best user acquisition strategies that worked for you?

Well being that we’re an email marketing focused company, acquiring email leads has been massive for us. Our general strategy is creating content to collect leads, then nurturing those leads to sales.

Kudos! Glad to hear things are starting to take off. I’ve seen you around on the intertubes in a few places over the past few months and I admire the marketing hustle you’re throwing at this. Keep at it!

Nice man. Good to see my marketing efforts have been paying off, lol.