2Checkout alternatives for non-US businesses?

2Checkout will cease working with with hosting businesses on September 15th, so I’m looking for alternatives. Anyone can advice a good payment processor for small amount ($5+) payments?

I’m from Romania and I use Paymill (0.28€ + ~3% per transaction) myself. I know other Eastern Europeans who work with Braintree and Avangate, and they’re happy with both.

Paymill sounds really good. Does it require user to register on their site in order to make a payment? I remeber I was trying using them in the past, and registration was required (but maybe I’m confusing them with someone else).

They don’t. You create your own payment form. Here are the docs. This approach is a lot more flexible, but it’s more complicated to implement, of course. So if you want a processor that you can just redirect to and let them handle everything for you, you should look into Avangate.

I already use Avangate for my main business where avg purchase is more than $100. But it’s expensive for micro payments: from $5 the customer pays, even on their cheapest plan I’ll receive $3.91, and that’s more than 20% cut :frowning:

Paymill looked good, but when I tried to activate it, Russia is not listed among the supported countries list.

Oh, I apologize, I thought since Romania is supported, Russia must be too. I should have checked the supported countries list first. Also, it appears Braintree doesn’t support Russia either :frowning:

Paymill has Russian Federation listed when I register, but later, when account needs to be activated, Russia is not in the list anymore (looks like they are going to support it in the future). Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

Hello Dmitry. As one of possible alternatives to 2checkout you can check out Cardinity. Here’s a handy comparison of pros and cons https://cardinity.com/2checkout-alternative
However, you will have to check with them if it is possible to use it in Russia, as I understand that is where your business is located?

There are currently sanctions (including banking sanctions) on Russia from most (all?) of the European Union and U.S. / Canada: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_sanctions_during_the_Ukrainian_crisis

I would be very surprised if you were able to find a single non-Russian online payment provider that supported Russia in the current political climate. Politics affect business.

Sanctions are targeted towards corrupted Russian politicians (90% of them) and businesses affiliated with them. The payment processor was found, by the way.