2015 Year in Review

Anyone else do a 2015 year in review?

Here’s mine:


Share yours here too!

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I created one but didn’t share any revenue numbers. Just stats and traffic:

Most of my secondary income came from an ebook, advertising, affiliates, and donations. The bulk from the first two categories that I’m hoping to change as well in 2016.

Just going to keep trying by doing what I enjoy. :slightly_smiling:

Nice! Does most of your income come from Laravel News?

Ours is here: http://blog.honeybadger.io/2015-honeybadger-year-in-review/

My 2015 review is here: http://benrmatthews.com/2015-year-in-review/

Mainly blog traffic and stats as product revenue was $500 this year :wink:

Yeah, did one as well: http://www.christophengelhardt.com/year-review-2015/

Happy New Year everyone!

And here’s my friend @benedikt’s recap post: http://benediktdeicke.com/2016/01/year-in-review/

Here’s my 2015 review: https://ryanbattles.com/post/2015-a-look-back Combo of frustration with a stagnant year in SaaS, success with self-publishing, and how I’m actually living the dream anyway (even though it doesn’t always feel like it).

Thanks everyone else for sharing yours, looking forward to reading through them (just saved all to Pocket).

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Here’s my Poker Copilot 2015 Year in Review. Or, what to do with a mature software product after seven years.

Ooh, just spotted this.

So 2015 was by far the best year yet. Over Christmas and New Years we hacked together a ‘year in review creator’ which has the main points from my year, so will post that link up and leave it there.


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I’m seeing more and more people who share this sentiment:

A significant portion of revenue was going to all of these services, each of which seemed to be a justified expense in isolation, but when added up was way too much for a small business.

Have we reached peak SaaS?

I realize I’m a little late here, but just posted by 2015 year in review here: http://www.sideprojectprofit.com/december-profit-report-2015-year-in-review/

Highlights: Best month $1083, yet not trending upwards. In fact, the more time I spend working on my projects the less I earn. Am I my worst enemy?! :slight_smile:

Would love any feedback from you all here!

I’m even later to the party, but I’ve just posted my 2015 in Review - https://blog.bugmuncher.com/2016/02/05/2015-in-review.html

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