2 Months from break-even

Looking at my numbers, I think I might be two months out from hitting break-even with my bootstrapped biz!

Been bootstrapping on the side for a year and a half while working full time, so needless to say, I’m pretty pumped about being able to go full time!!

I’m finding that waiting for the (hopefully) inevitable to happen is brutal though. I just can’t sit still :slight_smile:

What can you do to coast through this transitional period? Or is there no way around this being kind of a crazy time?

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You must be saving quite a lot of money now that your business almost covers your burn and you have your salary on top.

So if the growth of your business is predictable enough, and you are really itching to go full time, have you considered using some savings to get there faster?

You could also ask your employer for part time.

Ya so I’ve been ramping down my full time job gradually. I’m down to 50% time now and the only thing stopping me from going full time right now is that I want to find a good replacement for myself before I leave :smile:

And there’s also just that factor where even though you look at the revenue curve and you see it going in the right direction, and your gut tells you that things are going well, you still have that aching doubt that maybe next month all your customers will churn - haha.

So I think even if I went full time right now supplementing with savings a bit for the next few months, I’d still feel that itch until my actual revenue hit break-even. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll still feel kind of itchy about the whole thing until a good six months have gone by and I’ve been able to get a better feel for churn rate.

I don’t have anything of any real value to add here but I felt compelled to respond because Holy crap, you and I are in a crazy similar situation. My main product has been profitable since its commercial launch on April 20th of this year and I will be done with the day job somewhere around February. I can’t in good conscience leave them without my replacement trained and in place, and the hiring process there is a bit tedious, hence months away from being able to leave, although my schedule is now only 24 hours per week. I cannot WAIT until I can dedicate the focus and attention it and its customers deserve. Right now even with the reduced day job schedule I’m barely able to remain somewhat passable as sane.

As I said, just wanted to comment because of the similar situation, and I am learning as I go, so no valuable insight from me other than to say “rock on!!”

Ps - sorry this was so focused on myself, just wanted to share and whatnot.

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THAT’S AWESOME!! :slight_smile: I wanna chat more with you! Gonna try to PM you!

Super cool! We need some way to host a virtual Going-All-In party when people celebrate their first day as full-timers. With cupcakes and such.

That sounds like a plan!!! :slight_smile: