1st version of the product for site owners – where should I grow now?

Hi! I have launched 1st version of my new service: rank2traffic.com

It helps webmasters and digital marketers to research competitors’ websites and find better niches.

I took me several months to collect the data and master algorithms.
They are not perfect yet, but I find the estimates which service gives to be quite good in most cases.

Now I have to decide – where should I grow in terms of new features/data?

I am thinking about collecting and showing organic keywords for every site in the database (the search words which bring users to the website). Probably, I would be able to collect backlinks, which is also useful for SEO.
I made some experiments, and it seems like it is possible to do technically (and it will require a rebranding as well)

I also got a recommendation to show number of facebook likes/google +1 for every website.

Are there any ideas I may add? Is the SEO tools niche overcrowded already? Finally, I am planning to add a paid section to the site, so information I give my customers should be very, very useful.

Would be happy to hear your considerations!

With best regards,


What are your customers asking for? I’d start there for inspiration.