1st startup month - Getting my first 100 email subscribers


I’ve spent the past month trying to build Feedbeaver, a platform that allows your audience to subscribe to updates on your website using Facebook Messenger.

If you’re interested in reading about the experience, you can check out this Medium post: https://medium.com/feedbeaver/one-month-into-feedbeaver-6ce757cf1b5c


  • Built a small audience from scratch
  • Deployed a stable MVP that’s being tested by a dozen or so people
  • Got integrated with Embedly so our widget can be used directly in Medium
  • Goals: get more beta testers, ship out a few more features, launch by early next year

Happy to hear any feedback or questions you might have!

Hey there

Looks like a promising start!

How has the traffic from Product Hunt and BetaList been, have you had “real” users or are they mostly people who are curious and then leave? I’m curious how you are gathering feedback when you are at such an early stage :slight_smile:

Funny you should ask, I’m just in the midst of writing an article about that. I’ve manually submitted Feedbeaver to around 30 to 40 startup aggregators and beta startups websites. Most of those resulted in no traffic at all (not surprising), but some of those sent in a few pageviews.

Regarding feedback, I just managed to get a dozen or so actual users, and only a couple are actively using the platform, so nothing too impressive, but it’s a start for sure.