#183: Feeling bored and stuck in your business? With Peldi and Ed

@peldi concludes his mini-season as host with an open and honest discussion with @freyfogle about a problem every business owner eventually encounters. How do you keep at it when you are feeling bored? Are we stuck in our businesses?

You can also watch this episode on YouTube.


I’m craving honest feedback on my guest-hosting performance! I don’t know if I should continue (starting a Balsamiq podcast) or not, and if so, how to make it great.

Thanks again to Steve and to this community for the opportunity.

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My honest feedback: I listen to a podcast to learn something new, or to get the viewpoint of someone else on something (I think) I know. That means I enjoy hearing when guests and hosts are challenged to explain why they think about something in a particular way.
I think you should consider challenging your guests more.
For Balsamiq, a podcast for the brand needs not to be anchored to you as a person. You can even hire a podcast (co)host. But I imagine you have access to so many great customer stories, that you could produce a successful podcast. There is a podcast called “How I built this” (listen to episode reCAPTCHA and Duolingo: Luis von Ahn : How I Built This with Guy Raz : NPR ). This can be an inspiration.

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