#168: Twitter for Marketing, and Zombie Customers

Ed and I cover a lot of ground this week:

  • podcasting nerves
  • geotrivia as marketing
  • a brief foray into geopolitics
  • using Twitter for marketing
  • the frustrating unpredictability of what marketing efforts will bear fruit
  • the pleasure of working from home
  • dealing with zombie customers

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Had zombie customers a couple of times - I always contacted them to see if I could help but rarely got a response.

I remember one (megacorp) I did get a reply after many months on something like the 3rd attempt :

  • No problem, just hadn’t got around to setting it up yet.
  • Can I help at all?
  • Oh no, not yet, we’ve got some internal stuff to do before we can use it.
  • Do you want to cancel the monthly sub then until you’re ready?
  • Oh no, please leave it running. Took us ages to get approval and if its suspended will have to do it all again.

Just over 3 years later CC expired, contact had left and no other contact. Still zero use…