16 Lessons Learned Bootstrapping Kinsta From $0 to 7-Figures in Revenue

Hi guys, I thought this post would be helpful and interesting to most everyone here. It’s a 7000 words post about our story, how we bootstrapped from zero. Ups and downs, lot’s of challenges every day and a lot more. I’m the author of the post, if you have any questions just let me know.

16 Lessons Learned Bootstrapping Kinsta From $0 to 7-Figures in Revenue


Hey @tomzur

Great article, I always like reading from folks who have done it!

Could you comment a bit more about “Email is free, don’t be afraid to use it” - before you reached your first 100 customers what were you emailing out to everyone? Were you asking them to try your service or was it something else? Also curious if this was in the scale of 10 contacts a week vs 100 contacts or 1000 contacts a week.

Hey @mgowski,

Glad you liked the post and thank you for your feedback!
I was emailing to relevant people. I always made sure to make my homework before approaching anyone, made some basic research, got familiar with his/her work, website etc. Bloggers regularly write about their problems or just tweet about them let’s say “My website is slow can someone help” or “I’m looking for a new WordPress host, suggestions…?” So there are lots of opportunities. Even if you just give them some tips or recommendations, or offer to try your service for free. In the very early days, this worked really great and I was able to make some really good connections. Later they became paying customers, affiliate partners or they simply recommend our service when someone needs their help. My advice is to be relevant and helpful.
If you have a good service and you would like to find “easy” opportunities Twitter is an awesome place. You can find really high leads, automatically. My friend Primoz wrote a great article on the topic make sure you take a look: - It’s a Medium post but it seems I can’t post it –
Cheers, Tom

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You must be referring to the Medium article by primozcigler right? A little bit of Googling and I found it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, I’m going to try some of that.

Yep that’s the one I was referring.

Link for those that are interested: https://medium.com/@primozcigler/how-to-get-highly-qualified-leads-from-twitter-9703ce8b6f43.

@tomzur, awesome article. I read it on Indie Hackers earlier this week and left with a plethora of new knowledge that I’m looking to apply to my own marketing efforts.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad to hear it was useful. Thanks for adding the Medium post.