#154: Finding and recruiting freelance developers with Robin Warren of Corrello

@robinwarren of Corrello tells me how he finds and recruits freelance developers for his bootstrapped software company.

We also talk about:

  • Robin’s business creating Trello Power-ups
  • Using Product Hunt to hone your marketing message
  • Juggling multiple products


You also download and listen to this episode here.


an instant classic Steve!


Great episode, thanks!

Sharing the complete source code with freelancers is what I would never do. I just can’t. This is a sort of thing that’s simply impossible for me to do.

I design a product in such a way so that hired force can program separate parts and I then integrate it into the product.

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interesting, what is the specific limitation that you can’t share the complete source code with freelances?

It’s psycological/cultural I suppose. I simply do not trust anyone, especially people who I’ve never seen. I’m just not comfortable if they have all the source code. I understand that in real life there’s little chance of them actually starting a new product based on stolen code and then competing with me. But still.

You have a protection based on your relations with Trello, so one starting a “competing” “Borello” product has little chances for success. But a downloadable Windows software is a different thing.