#152: Practical knowledge sharing for bootstrappers

@freyfogle and I discuss knowledge sharing for bootstrappers, and even for one-person teams. How do you make sure the important knowledge for your business gets remembered, shared, and used?

Also known as: the episode in which I praise Notion.

You can also download and listen here.

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Re: legacy pricing – I’m still hanging on Fastmail’s ancient “family” plan that costs $15/yr per person for 500MB of space (they recently bumped it from 250MB) and a custom domain.

Nowadays they have 3-tiered pricing with “unattractive” $30/yr for 2GB without a domain and “the most popular” $50/yr for 30GB that includes almost everything. No way we are leaving our legacy plans considering our family is good at keeping inboxes clean :sweat_smile:

Re: Notion – aside from the workspaces, do you use any Notion’s collab features?

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Not sure really. I don’t know exactly what features are considered collab in this case.

Like project management (calendars, Kanban, etc.) or Slack integrations.

Ah I see. We tried it these features little, but didn’t stick with it.

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