“100 Mistakes I Made Bootstrapping my First SaaS Business to $500K annual revenue”

This book could be interesting for some of us:

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Steve he is asking $20 have you read the book or enough of an excerpt to know it’s got some useful tips?

update I reached out to @SaaSpnr on twitter and asked: I cannot find any reviews of your “100 mistakes” book or a sample chapter. How can I assess the quality of the insights that you offer without spending $20?
He replied, “Well, just released it but here is a very nice review. Just have to take a leap of faith.”
he posted a screen shot with no name and no date

Hey Travis, I started reading the 100 Mistakes book this morning. Not to further
but OMG what a blast of a start of the book! Got me goosebumps all the way! Kudos, I rarely see that type of engagement with business books.

I answered, “Thanks for the quick reply. I am inferring that you don’t have much confidence in what you have written if you are afraid to release a sample from the book. Doubling down by saying “trust me” inspires me to take a pass.”

He closed with “Ahhh…thanks for the clarification.” Unless someone wants to review it I am suspicious of the content. It’s a fantastic title and he has pubished a $50 book for how to publish a book in a weekend. See https://gumroad.com/l/easybook

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I bought it. It’s okay but nothing groundbreaking or revelatory. The review in the screenshot is way over the top. I definitely did NOT get goosebumps.

The title is indeed very good, though!

I agree that he should make a sample chapter available.

I bought it because it’s important to make an intentional mistake from time to time.
It’s total crap. Here are five mistakes he lists (and he lists them in random order for some reason).

Mistake #24 “​I didn’t write this book soon enough.”

Mistake 81 “​I took the time to write this book.”

Mistake #64 “​I should have moved away from my hometown sooner. I’m originally from Chicago, and I love my home town."

Mistake #37 “​I didn’t ensure I had a clean desk space.”

Mistake #62 “​I should have done more drugs. I am a huge fan and proponent of microdosing on mushrooms. The active ingredient in it is ​Psilocybin​.

These are verbatim from book. I cannot imagine an excerpt from this book helping to sell it. He is better to leave it a mystery. I agree it’s a great title.

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@SteveMcLeod Thanks for the purchase! What I can tell you is that this manifesto of mistakes was written from the heart and is my truth. Even the drugs part. I really don’t need to defend it. I worked my ass off for the last 5 years building my business and these mistakes, some profound, some simple, were all made on that journey. I shared a few of the mistakes on Twitter as I was pre-selling the book, but in the spirit doing more, especially for my new #1 fan @skmurphy , :crazy_face: I will post one of my favorite mistakes I write about and one I reflect on often as I keep my head down and put in the real work that has gotten me to this point in my life. (mistake #96)

Mistake #96

“ I got upset over the haters”

Haters are everywhere. And do you know what makes them even angrier

towards you - when you keep getting more successful. They are jealous of

your success. They want what you have but haven’t overcome the obstacles in

life to achieve what you have achieved. Your setbacks fuel them. They will be

there looking down on you every time you misstep.

You have to learn when and how to ignore them. They will only distract you

and keep you from your full potential. Ignoring them is an art, and the more

they come for you, the easier it gets spotting them from a distance. I’ve been

able to shut the door on people before they have even spoken to me. All the

clues are there; you have to spot them.

I am not a hater. I am disappointed that you refused to post an excerpt when requested. It would have saved me reading the book. I am disappointed I did not read Steve McLeod’s capsule review earlier in this thread before I decided to purchase. It was a great title.

But my purchase of the book was an intentional mistake, a technique a I drew from “Brilliant Mistakes: Finding Success on the Far Side of Failure” by Paul Schoemaker, a book I strongly recommend. A way to gather more information and calibrate various models I have of the world against reality.

I did listen to File Progress Travis Renn on Accelerlist, Food Trucks, and Opportunity

I came away with some additional insights. It was useful to compare the mistakes you listed in the books with the podcast.

I am sorry that I cannot in any way recommend the book, but I do wish you every success.

Sean Murphy

I didn’t refuse, lol. I’m just not here to serve you and your requests. I make the decision on who to interact with and who I don’t. Do your own research. Stop crying about my book on Twitter, IndieHackers, here in this forum. I mean, the optics on this is that you’re jealous as I lay out in my mistake excerpt I provided in this forum. I’m a doer, you seem to be a teacher by your online profile and you know what they say, “those who can’t do, teach”.

Your glib about recommending a book on your website that you so conveniently are quoted in and like any book out there…it has reviews from folks that just didn’t take to it. Stop crying. Think about all the energy you’ve spent just crying online and hating. Put that misplaced energy into writing all the mistakes you made. My new micro-course can help you make with this.

Your replies, here and elsewhere (investigated a bit), don’t look good. Saying “Stop crying” to a customer publicly? That’s one more mistake for your book.

If you really believe in what you’re doing, you should embrace criticism, and think about what people are complaining about. For every complaining customer, there are dozens who are silent and not buying. Negative feedback is golden, and not in any way “crying”.

I bought similar business related ebooks in the past - if I get one good idea it’s well worth $50 or $100. But I always had an idea what I’ll get, either from list of contents, from free section, something like that. A clickbaity title is not enough.

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I totally agree in general and critiques are part of the process, however this guy has gone “out of his way” on multiple platforms to talk shit. He’s not just trying to leave a review. We all know what a “review” looks like. People leave a review and move on. And like I said above, I have left examples of the book on Twitter for people to read. The manner and frequency in which I do however wont be dictated by anyone.

And the title isn’t “click bait”, it’s the truth and my journey. Clickbait titles are mis-leading and mine is not. Also, I posted an AMA on another post and willing to share my journey with anyone that feels like they would like to now more…for free.