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Which database do you use?


(1) Mysql
(2) Digital Ocean
(3) It is what it is

(1) PostgreSQL
(2) AWS
(3) Umm not sure yet, just getting back in to pgSQL

  1. Microsoft SQL-Server Express Edition
  2. Virtual Server at Host Europe
  3. Nothing except direct remote access, which I deliberately disabled for security reasons.
    Well and maybe an integrated backup solution, but I use task scheduler and some scripts to automate my backup.

Why: Because I’ve got lots of previous experience with it and knew that it satisfies the requirements.

  1. MS SQL Server
  2. SmarterAsp hosting
  3. None

This is the setup for the private beta of my MVP to see if I have a product worth pursuing. If I do I’ll look into moving over to Azure where I’ll have TDE on the db by default.


Thanks! What is TDE?

  1. MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcache
  2. SysEleven, a German hoster
  3. Its not as automated as AWS Aurora or other managed offerings.


TDE = Transparent Data Encryption, i.e., encrypted data at rest

  1. MS SQL 2016
  2. ASP.net at https://www.a2hosting.com/web-hosting/windows. Very happy with them so far - good support, good knowlegebase (so often overlooked), Plesk, automated LetsEncrypt SSL certs, Web Deploy from Visual Studio.
  3. Latency. I’m in Australia. I moved to a US host because I expect most of my traffic will be from there but using SQL Server across that long wire requires patience. The problem is not theirs, it’s distance.


At my current startup insightstash(.)com I use combination of Postgres and Redis in front as cache. Since every feedback form needs to be loaded per page load per visitor, it’s not wise to hit postgres on every load, it would be just slow.

  1. Postgres (Redis as cache)
  2. Linode
  3. Simpler backups

  1. MySQL
  2. DigitalOcean
  3. Nothing currently