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The Morning After: Startup Famous for 24 Hours


Clay, I think Realm’s content mostly hits all three of your points.

In many cases, developers expect content to be perishable, eg: migration to Apple’s new Swift language version 3 will be 99% obsolete within a couple of years as nobody will be picking up Swift 2 codebases.

I disagree strongly with your assertion the above are actually not a lot of work because I think writing Evergreen content as a planned activity is actually very hard, to come up with original content. I would need to see at least dozens of examples before you convince me otherwise.

There is an extraordinary amount of survivorship bias when people recommend marketing and especially content-based marketing strategies.


If anyone is more interested in Realm’s strategies, you can see the articles and videos they host at https://realm.io/news/ where most of the content is guest content.

They perform professional-level video recording of many conferences and publish the videos, complete with transcripts, as well as hosting simple blog articles. These are all mentioned in association with their @realm twitter handle as well as Realm’s own announcements.

I think they have had at least two people doing this full-time since early days, at least a couple of years.

This is in addition to their own conference and expo booth presentations.

They also host 1 or 2 regular meetups in their SF office.

This is the kind of marketing you can do when you have raised $29M but note the discipline and vision to start doing this relatively early, establishing themselves particularly in the iOS development space as a centre of excellence. Thus, they get people following @realm.



I think that coming up with a very targeted topic (that meets the above criteria) is not easy. But I don’t think it’s a lot of hours of work, although it is “deep work” but there are some economies of scale b/c you can research several ideas at once (and you should b/c you want to toss out the lowest ranked ones.

BTW, I’m not trying to sell you on content marketing. And I agree 100%, you need some evidence that it could work (and provide ROI).