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Site update feedback


Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, there are two components. The primary component is the widget that sits on the website allowing users to leave notes and comments and view the notes/comments. The second piece is a basic dashboard that shows all the notes in a single place. The dashboard was added after a lot of users asked for a way to see notes and comments in a single location, originally only the widget existed. It is basic but serves a purpose for companies who don’t use other task systems like Trello/Basecamp/Jira, etc. On the backend/admin side the primary focus is adding integrations to 3rd party systems that users need, not trying to build a better dashboard.


Love the simplicity, well done!

I think that you could benefit from moving part of the top navigation down to the footer and focus on price and signup at the top. Otherwise great!


Thanks @drikerf. Minimizing the header nav is something I will need to consider.