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Production-grade SaaS infrastructure for $200/month


The add-on gets pricey as you grow (my log output is 500MB a day now despite the fact I trim/filter out a lot of stuff already). I am looking for alternatives.


I switched from heroku to nanobox.io + linode, I cut my hosting cost by 3 times. Nanobox is like heroku, but it uses docker components and can choose your own hosting. It manages the entire infrastructure for you and also help you scale from the dashboard.


What I’ve found when researching for The Cloud Hosting Handbook is that bootstrappers often prefers to spend a little more (or much more, depending on the case) and leave the operational details of a production infrastructure to PaaS like Heroku.

It ultimately depends on how do you want to spend your time: an experienced sysadmins may have all the necessary knowledge and experience to set up a robust production infrastructure quickly and saving money which would have been spent in services (PaaS, managed hosting) otherwise.


This is true. My hosting is around $700 per month which is not cheap, but I can easily spin up new instances, services like Redis cache, new DBs, blob storage, serverless functions and whatever I want for no real effort.


This statement is self-contradicting a bit.

Bootstrappers by definition should prefer to spend less.

However, due to lack of system administration knowledge or lack of time they may be forced to spend more.