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My SEO efforts are paying off


Lots of video! https://pokercopilot.com/videos

However you’ve made me realise that I’ve made these hard to find. I’ll have to do something about that.


No adwords. Google never accepts my ads. As soon as they see the word ‘poker’, they assume I’m running a casino and ask for my govenment-certified right to run a casino. Sigh.

I don’t have a well-thought out strategy here. I guess the blog posts are brief updates, and ephemeral stream-of-consciousness thinking. The articles are long-form content. More than anything, the blog section is to show evidence that this is an active, supported product. My biggest competitors have blogs that have not been updated in years. Perhaps, though, it is time to de-emphasise the blog in my page structure.


@SteveMcLeod the standalone video page is a great idea, I may steal that idea.

@Serge Vimeo gives me better control over the video format and api than Youtube does. I was doing some stuff with video events that was much easier with Vimeo than Youtube. The Vimeo videos show up in google search results. I don’t imagine my target audience would be searching in Youtube for what I offer.


How about slapping on a signup form and set up your newsletter to send all new subscribers a series of 2 or 3 emails for the first month or two.

That’s probably 2 hours of work plus time to write those articles.

But the beauty is you are now collecting those emailis. You’ll thank yourself (or me :wink: in 6 months when you DO get around to the newsletter.

Then see what it looks like after a few months. If you aren’t getting signups, then maybe it’s not worth more effort.

BTW, the way I do our newsletter now is that it’s just a quick announcement of new blog entries. So there is very little time need to “craft” the emails. In fact, plain text (in appearance) is probably better as it seems more personal and “folksy”


I do this already. I set it up years ago, with what was then called an “auto-responder series”. The kids today seem to call it a “drip campaign”. TomAYto tomAHto.

This works pretty well. Maybe 20% of people who download sign up for the newsletter.


After I wrote this I thought : ya’ know, I’m trying more focused this year. So I pick a goal and just work on solutions to THAT goal for a few months. So maybe you should file away my suggestions for when you are working on increasing conversions to yoru newsletter.

How about if you tell them the first 2 or 3 BENEFITS they’ll get from the newsletter.

And how about if you provide tips that are focused on THEIR needs that just happen to involve PC?

Your first articles will be on

  1. The top mistake new (and even experienced players) may, and how Poker Copilot can help.
    (I’m guessing there might be some examples of where human intuition about odds does not match up about true odds.)


I recommend AudienceOps. They have an excellent content service for micro-businesses.


Just a related comment here - for one of my products, I have ruled the number one spot in Google for several of the popular keywords on the topic…but my overall clicks have been going down. The cause seems to be that Google is stacking more and more paid ads on top of the organic results, so my Number “1” listing is actually more like Number “5”…It seems that I have to pay up for the top spot now, or go for the long tail clicks…unfortunately, those long tail clicks have been miniscual (sp?) compared to the popular keywords.


That’s not good. Sorry to hear that. A benefit of Google not accepting my ads is that they don’t accept ads from my competitors either. So my most important keywords are either ad-free or low on ads.

Recently I noticed one of our affiliates running Google ads on exact name searches for our product. His ad sends people to our website with his affiliate link. I’m surprised he was able to get the ad accepted, so instead of asking him to stop this shady technique, I’m watching to see how long Google lets him do this.


I hear you on the supposed benefits of the “Long Tail” traffic.

However, one thought is that if you can find something very pertinent to your product that you can rank #1 for, even if it’s only a little traffic every month, there might be a good payoff.

As I mentioned before I did that with an article recently. Google showed it had almost no traffic (something like “under 10 per day” (indicating almost not measurable). But we are #1 for that and it’s highly targeted (one of our programs is based on that keyword, so it’s a good tie in).

And the beauty is that the Tipping Effect (winner takes all) is very much to your benefit. It’s very hard to dislodge the #1 page if it’s been there for a while. (I know, I tried this on one keyword. It took me a year of concerted effort to do this ONCE (and that was just moving from #3 to #1).