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My experiences with PayPal for SaaS


For a long time, I ignored Paypal as a payer. Always was using my CC. But this week I’ve found the reason why I should have used Paypal.

I’ve got a CC renewed. I went thru the list of my subscriptions (about two dozens - internet, Netflix, Amazon, cell company, digital ocean, …) and had to spend 5-10 minutes in each updating my CC. An hour wasted.

If I had used Paypal (and many of those subscriptions allow to use Paypal), I’d only need to update my CC in one place, and it would take me 5 minutes.


There’s another good reason why you’d want to use PayPal as a consumer: It acts as an intermediary between you and the vendor. Especially in the case of subscriptions, this can be useful. When you give a company your credit card info, they can charge you again at any time in the future. If on the other hand you use PayPal, they can’t do that. If they want to bill you for a subscription, they need to set up a “subscription” in PayPal. You see those in your PayPal account and can easily cancel them there.

Having said that, I really don’t like the user experience of PayPal even as a customer. I always use my credit card instead.