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Microconf Europe 2015


Yes, looking forward to it!

In the bootstrapping spirit, does anyone want to save a few euros and share a room at the hotel?

I’ve already booked a twin room (2 beds) including breakfast in the Hesperia Tower hotel from Sun 30th to Wed 2nd, the cost was 382EUR (inc. VAT) + 14.85 city tax, so splitting 50/50 would be 198EUR each.

I’m a 35 year old programmer and entrepreneur from Wales, currently based in Madrid. You can learn a bit more about me from these links:
http://readlang.com (my startup)

If interested, please PM me with a little info about yourself - thanks!


YES! Looking forward to meeting you all.

I’m arriving on the 27th and staying for a long time (leaving on September 8th!). Would love to hang out before, during, and after the conference!



September is near :smile:

We will arrive on the 30th and leave on the 5th so plenty of time to explore Barcelona!


A word to the wise - Barcelona is famous for its pickpockets. I personally know 3 people who have been victims of theft or attempted theft in Barcelona. So if you are out and about, especially in the touristy areas, be very careful with your valuables and passport and don’t drink too much!

Here are some of the scams you might come across:


Andy, you are right about that. I tell all my guests here in Barcelona to be careful of pickpockets. Fortunately the situation seems to have improved dramatically in the last year or two. Still, I recommend caution.


Same as in every major city I guess :wink:


I think its much more of an issue than it is in, say, London.