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Microconf Europe 2014


I’ll be going, for a second time. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Are you still up if we go to http://www.topgunprague.com/ or https://kingofshooting.com/prague?

Andy can’t make it, but I think we might still be 5-6 people.
Need an answer ASAP, preferably via twitter (@itengelhardt) or email christoph at it-engelhardt dot de


Straggler here, touching down 8pm Sunday but will try and find some of you at the meet-up unless you’re all sensible and have gone to bed early :slight_smile:

If any of you are still around and move off elsewhere then a nudge on twitter would be appreciated, I’m @bealers.


@Andy, @TheDaveCollins, @rachelandrew here comes the odd, last-minute request: our biggest daughter (2yo) loves Peppa, and she’s been enjoying for months a sticker book I got her at the WHSmith of Heathrow the last time around. We can’t get those where we live, so if anyone sees a Peppa stickerbook and would be kind enough to bring it, I’d be very grateful. I’ll make sure to bring my £££s so I can pay you in cash on the spot!

I told you it was an odd request!

See you all soon!


You left it a bit last minute with that request! I’ll try to take a look. Does it matter if it is the same book or not?


It doesn’t, anyone works.

I know it’s last minute :frowning: sorry about that!


Mission accomplished. Thanks @TheDaveCollins, you’re a gent.


You nearly ended up with 2 sets. ;0)


That would have been the best possible outcome for sure! Thanks @Andy for taking an interest as well, really appreciated.